Who We Are
We are an execution-oriented management and technology consulting firm, delivering program management, human resources, and technology enablement solutions to federal agencies in the US and overseas. Our services are available using our SBA 8(a) sole source vehicle, or combine it with our GSA Professional Services (PSS) or IT 70 Schedules.

What We Do
We help businesses and governments identify and maximize the benefits of their resources, improve their processes and implement new technologies. We provide services in technology, operations, human capital and project management.

How We Do It
As a vendor neutral consulting firm, our only focus is the client’s success. We work with our clients to understand their business needs, values and fears. We then use our past experience and proven methodologies to provide pragmatic recommendations that fit the client’s needs.

Where We Do It
Our diverse team has served global companies and US government agencies. We have experience leading complex projects with stakeholders spread across the world.

We provide Subject Matter Experts and Special Advisors, to support federal agencies with procurement, budget, audit readiness, program management etc. Our teams are in CONUS and OCONUS

Our project management methodology follows the basic project life cycle: Plan, Design, Build, and Deliver. However, what makes our method unique is its focus on the commonly missed and vital activities: pre-planning and post-delivery.

Our team of certified project managers employ consistent proven methodologies to ensure that each project is successful, is on time and on budget.